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Intro to Pole Workshop (60 Minutes)*

Try it before committing to a membership.  Intro to Pole is a beginner level class for anyone who has never taken a pole dance class.  If you are nervous to take the leap, you are in good company!  Your instructor will break down all the fundamental moves that you’ll need to build a solid foundation.  

Studio A

Wednesday 7:15pm

Thursday 7pm

Friday 6pm

*Intro to Pole Workshop is open to the public and cannot be booked for a private party.  Please see our Parties tab for information on private group gatherings.

Level 1 Pole (75 minutes)

This is where your foundation is built. If you are brand new to pole or if you want to go back to the basics, this is the class for you. You will learn the fundamental skills needed to build a solid foundation. You will learn how to spin, climb, and sit on the pole, along with strength training techniques to help you advance Level 1.5

Example of skills learned:

Spins: Fireman, stag, back hook, front hook

Dip turn, pirouette, basic climb, long sit, Pole sit, Fan kick, Jasmine, Genie, martini sit

Studio A                                                            

Monday 4pm (Celia)            

4pm (Celia), 7pm (Aimee)                                  

Thursday 4pm (Celia)

Friday 6pm (Angel) 

Saturday 10am and 11:30am (Aimee)

Studio B

Monday 6:45pm (Valerie)

Tuesday & Wednesday 5:45pm (Elizabeth)

Level 1.5 Pole (75 minutes)

You will develop strength and condition to start going upside down.  You are an advanced beginner but not quite ready for intermediate.

Example of skills learned:

Spins: Chair, Trashcan, Juliette, Arrow, carousel

Chopper, forearm climb, Side climb, outside leg hang, Wrist seat, Hood ornament, cross leg layback, Upside down crucifix, apprentice

Studio A

Monday 6:45pm (Aimee)

7pm (Sheila) 

Wednesday 5:45pm (Celia)

Studio B

Saturday 2:30pm (Elizabeth)

Level 2 Pole (75 minutes)

You will perfect what you have learned in beginner Pole foundations while incorporating leg hangs, advanced spins, cupid, basic inverts and climbing variations. You will learn combos and incorporate dance choreography and be introduced to spin pole. Your strength and conditioning will be taken up a level as well to prepare you for more advanced skills.

*Must have instructor approval

Example of skills learned:

Spins: Reverse grab

Inside leg hang, Flatline Scorpio, Butterfly, Superman, Handstand, Cupid, Falling star

Studio B

Monday 5:30pm (Sheila)

Saturday 12:30pm (Valerie) 

Level 2/3 Pole (75 minutes)

This class is for those who have been in Intermediate for a while, but not quite ready for Advanced Pole.  This class builds upon Intermediate technique, including aerial inverts on both static and spin Pole, shoulder mounts, leg hangs, Pole splits and introduces moves with three points of contact.  

Must have teacher approval

Example of skills learned:

Shoulder mount (ground and aerial), Intro to handsprings, aerial invert, Brass monkey, Complex spins and climbs

Studio B

Tuesday 5:45pm (Sheila)

Saturday 10:30am (Valerie)


Level 3/4 Pole (75 minutes)

Advanced Pole is for those who have successfully graduated up from Level 2/3 and ready to keep going.  If you don't meet the requirement of the previous levels, you are NOT ready for this class!  You will be learning skills requiring 2 points of contact.  This class focuses on complex poses, splits & combinations, in addition to handsprings and Ayeshas.

Must have instructor approval

Studio B

Thursday 5:45pm (Sheila)

Russian Exotic Pole (60 minutes)

Time to get your sexy on. Learn exotic style pole dance movements, tricks and combos. We will explore the foundations of movements of Russian Exotic style. You will learn elements such as leg and body waves, leg tracing and threading, floor work shapes, and playing with momentum to control flow and movement.

*Heels optional, knee pads are required. No street shoes!

**A session or two of beginner pole is suggested prior to participating.

Taught by Angelika

Studio B

Wednesday 7pm (Angelika)

EdgeWork Choreography (60 minutes)

Edgework is a creative way to explore using the platform of the shoe, sides of the foot and the heel to break leg lines with flexion of the feet and articulations of the ankle.  We will learn foundational sequences in a low-flow choreography.  Must have sandals.  Boots are too ankle restrictive.    

Taught by Celia

Studio B

Thursday 7:00pm 

Flexi Boot Camp (60 minutes)

This is not a yoga flow. This is an all levels class that will train active and passive flexibility, starting with a cardio warm-up. We will include hip opening, side and front splits, and incorporate shoulder mobility training. Class will include strength training and partner work. This is more than learning how to do a split, we will work every joint range of motion from our head to our toes.

Studio A

Monday 5:45pm (Celia)

Thursday 6:00pm (Matt), 7:00pm(Matt)

Studio C

Tuesday 7:00pm (Matt)

Handstand Training (75 minutes)

No handstand experience necessary.  If you are starting your handstand journey from zero, you will learn the fundamental skills that tackles the psychological barriers such as the fear of inversion, and the fear of falling over.  If you are already comfortable kicking up into a handstand against the wall and want to work toward balancing in the middle of the room, our training program incorporates the 4 categories...Strength, Skill, Muscle and Endurance.  You will work hard and have fun doing it.  Let's get upside down!

Taught by Matt

Studio C

Tuesday 5:45pm 

Wednesday 5:45pm

Capoeira (75 minutes) 

Capoeira is an all inclusive body movement practice. From singing, dancing, martial arts, acrobatics, and more, it truly has something for everyone. 

Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of the art of capoeira, basic movements, music, and culture. The goal is not to workout but rather to have fun. With that in mind you will want water, a towel, and to wear athletic clothing preferably long pants. 

Taught by Matt

Studio C

Wednesday 7pm


Chair Pole (60 minutes)

Do you like chair dance?  Do you like Pole dance?  How about we combine the 2! Join us for this fun and unique class.  We will explore entries and exits and everything in between.  Get ready to be creative.  All levels welcome.

Taught by Angelika

Studio B

Sunday 11:00am

Pole Silks (60 minutes)

We combine aerial fabric and Pole dancing for a beautiful way to express your creativity and build strength.  

Beginner Pole or aerial experience required.

Taught by Angelika

Studio A

Sunday 12:30pm


SwingPole (75 minutes) 

Take your Pole practice to another level!  The Pole is suspended, rubberized, it swings and spins.  You will take what you have learned, and transfer it on the FlyingPole.  Must have at lease 2 Beginner sessions under your belt.  Leggings are mandatory.

Taught by Elizabeth

Studio B

Saturday 1pm

Strength and Conditioning (45 minutes)

This class is an intense 45 minutes that will build upper body and core strength.  All levels welcomed.

Taught by Celia

Studio A

Wednesday 4:45pm

Golden Tennis Shoes (60 minutes)

This 60 minute class is designed for seniors who understand the importance of physical activity.  This is a low impact class that will challenge all fitness levels. Come ready to move and have fun!

Taught by Celia

Studio A

Wednesday 3:00p

Open Pole 

This time is dedicated to practicing your skills.  An instructor will be available to spot and give pointers.  This is a self-guided class with no instruction.  All levels welcome. 


Wednesday 8pm

Friday 4pm - 6pm

Saturday 11:45am

Sunday 10:00am, 1:30pm

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