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Estefania Jimenez

Estefania is an old school Pole dancer based in Mexico with 10 years of experience.  She started Pole dance in 2013 after having trained in ice skating and ballet.  She won the ‘Sexiest Legs in the Industry’ and ‘Up and Coming Artist’ from Pole World News in 2017.  She has been performing and teaching all around the world, including Europe, North and South America and Asia.  Her guest performances highlights Pole Show LA 2018, Pole Brazil 2019, Rise the Night 2020, and Dance Filthy 2021.  Her style combines sexy traditional Pole dance style with dance inspired leg extensions and movements.  She specializes in musicality and choreography, flexibility, leg movements, extensions and technique.


This 90-minute workshop includes a 15-minute warm-up with full body mobility exercises and ankle strengthening drills.  You will learn the basics of old school Pole, sultry transitions, heel technique, low flow spins in a full choreography.  All levels welcome.  Heels and kneepads required.
This 90-minute workshop includes a 15-minute full body warm-up with some conditioning exercises.  You will learn three spin pole combos with different difficulties, and elements, breaking down step by step, how to make the connections effortless and sultry.  All levels welcome.

This 90-minute workshop includes 30 minutes of full body stretching and upper body strengthening exercises.  Estafania will break down step by step static badass tricks like knee kips, handstands, elbow stands, kicks, drops and power spins.  All levels are welcome.  Alternative variations will be offered for beginner to advance.

Saturday April 15th
2 Spots left

Sunday April 16th
11 Spots left

Saturday April 15th
1 Spot left

Sunday April 16th
13 Spots left

Sultry Spin Combos

Static Badassery

The Sexy Old Ways

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