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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pole Fitness?

It is an extension of Pole dancing that uses the Pole to its maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment.  It works the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength.

How do I get started?

We recommend an Introduction workshop if you have never taken a Pole class.  At the end of the workshop, you will be given information about our membership packages.  Private lessons are also available. 

Can I walk into any class?

Class size is limited, so advance enrollment is required.  A walk-in for non-members is $25.  Go to the 'Class Schedule' tab and click on "NON-MEMBERS: Register here"

Can I give my friend my unused classes?

Purchased classes are not transferable.  This includes private lessons.

Can I use a regularly scheduled class for a party ?

Parties are conducted OUTSIDE of our regularly scheduled class time.  Intro to Pole Workshop cannot be used for parties.  

What if I reserve a spot in class through the "MEMBERS ONLY" button,

but I am not a member?


Your reservation will be cancelled, and you will receive a link to purchase a walk-in ($25).  After purchase, you will be given the option to reserve your spot in class. 

Do you give email reminders for class?

Yes.  An email reminder will be sent at 4pm the day before class

Where are you located?

We are located in the Colonial Plaza (CVS) at 485 Spencerport Road, Suite #5, Rochester, NY, next to Pineapple Jacks.  

Are minors allowed to participate?

Yes, we accept teens with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.  The child must be mature enough to follow direction, and exhibit controlled behavior. 


What should I wear or bring to my first class?

For Pole class, shorts and a tee are fine.  For PoleSilks, leggings are required.  No oils or lotions on hands or body to allow grip.  No jewelry on hands or feet to prevent scratching the equipment.  No street shoes beyond the front desk.  We have a dressing room with lockers for your convenience.  You must bring your own lock if you want to secure your items. 

Do you Pole share?

Yes, that's why our Leveled classes are 75 minutes.  There will be no more than 2 to a Pole.  This includes specialty workshops.  The exception is Flying Pole.  Since there are only 2 Flying Poles, the maximum is 3 per Pole.

Class Cancellations & Studio Closings

Members must follow us on Facebook at ROC Pole & Fitness, or Instagram @rocpolefitnessstudio to receive important studio announcements.  We do NOT cancel classes due to low participation.  For winter weather, we close when there is a blizzard or a no travel advisory has been issued.


Can I still attend class if I am late?

You may not be admitted if you more than 10 minutes late.  If you going to be late, please notify the studio in advance. The warm-up is very important.  It helps prevent injuries, and it includes conditioning.  If you are new to the studio, please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the waiver and get orientated.  Being late is very disruptive, so please arrive early to fill out the paperwork

Can I have a delayed start to my membership?

Yes.  You will receive your gift bag your first class.  

What is your Membership Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation must be made in writing, and must be done 24 hours before your next billing cycle.  There are no refunds once a charge has been made.  The cancellation will take affect your next billing cycle. 

What if I cancel within 30 days of becoming a member?

Your cancellation will take effect the day AFTER your billing date.  This discourages and avoids the misuse of using our membership to take classes at the discounted rate without the commitment of a membership. 

What if I miss a class?

You can make-up your class at any time within your membership period.  Unused classes do NOT carry over to your renewed membership.  You will NOT get refunded for unused classes.  You can make-up your class with any of our scheduled classes (Flexi boot camp, Handstand Training, Chair Pole, PoleSilks, Russian Exotic, OG Heels Technique, Capoeira, and any appropriate leveled Pole class).  Please manage your membership appropriately. 


Membership Holds

If you need to take a break for any reason, you are welcome to place your membership on hold for a minimum of 30 days.  If membership is not reinstated with 3 months, your membership will be cancelled.  Memberships are not transferable.  During your hold, no classes can be used, and no charges will be incurred.  You can renew your membership at any time.

What is considered a no-show?

A no-show is when there is zero communication via phone call, text, or email advising you will not be in attendance.  

Class Cancellations and No-Show

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.  There is no refund or reschedules for no-shows.  If you made an advance reservation for a class and do not show up a visit will be deducted.


Event Cancellations due to weather or staff availability

In the rare occurrence if an event (Pole party, Student Showcase, etc) has to be cancelled due to weather or staffing issue, you will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule your date.


Who can participate? Am I too old, too big?

If you are medically cleared to exercise, you can participate.  Regardless of your fitness level, you start where you are.  We do not start new students on spin Pole.  New students will not mount the Pole or be expect to invert right away.  We have a set of skills that has to be mastered before advancing to the next level with instructor approval.   


What is the weight limit for Pole dance?

Our Poles are permanently mounted, so they are safe and secure.  No one inverts or mounts the Pole before having the strength to do so, and that takes consistent practice and time.  We also do not start our students on spin Pole.  We focus on building technique building habits, not ego building habits.  

What if I’m not strong enough?

Your upper body and core strength is built over time.  That’s why it’s important to come to class on time, to complete the full warm-up and conditioning.  Discipline, patience and regular practice is necessary for this apparatus.  Open Pole practice is available to all members.  We encourage our members to take advantage of that membership benefit.


I fear I won’t be good at this....

Pole dance is a physical activity that takes regular practice, patience, and perseverance.  Everyone’s journey is unique, so comparing yourself to your classmate is a futile exercise.  This activity is a mental as well as a physical one.  Maturity is necessary, so focus on learning, be patient, and have fun. 


I was really sore after my first class.

That is to be expected.  You are doing something new, and your body has to adjust to the new activity.  Properly hydrate, eat healthy, a hot Epsom salt bath, a massage will all aid in your recovery.  Pole is not an easy sport, but it is highly satisfying. 


What is in the gift bag, and how many do I receive?

All new long-term members will receive a gift bag containing knee pads, Girlie Grip for the hands, iTac for the body, and a wrist band to protect the inner wrist from burning when practicing spins.  Only one gift bag per student.   

Do you do parties?

Yes, we offer parties of all types.  We offer Pole, PoleSilks, ChairPole, Handstand, Capoeira, Russian Exotic...You design the party how you like.  Parties start at $270 up to 6 people for a 75minute party.  Any additional persons incurs an additional $40 per person.  Please visit our 'Parties' tab for more information on additional times and policies.  A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure your date and time.  Deposit must be made no later than 48 hours before event.  Deposits made less than 48 hours out will incur a $50 fee that is not applied to the balance.  Regular scheduled classes are NOT used for parties!

Can I take the Intro to Pole Workshop multiple times?

Yes.  It's common for a student to take multiple workshops before committing to a membership.  Understand, the Intro Workshop's lesson plan does not progress.  To progress, you must move into Level 1 Pole.



Is your Pole Studio available for rental?

Yes.  There is a 2 hour minimum requirement

Studio A is $75/hour (9 Poles)

Studio B is $85/hour (10 Poles)

Payment in full is required to secure your date and time.  No refund if cancel within 30 days. 

Will you provide marketing for studio rental events?


Are your instructors for hire for special events and workshops?

Yes.  We offer a variety of apparatuses for onsite entertainment.  We also offer Handstand and Capoeira workshops.  Click on our GET STARTED button for inquiries.


Review our studio policy

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